Sunday, April 18, 2010


I knew at the beginning of the term what tutorial video I was going to use. I was introduced to a presentation site and I love it. The possibilities are endless with this site. PREZI is the name of the site, there are actually 2 videos I want to show with this the first one shows what it can do the second one will show how to complete it.
What is can do:

How to do it:

The other video I chose was a video of a teacher who pretends to be dead for a day and allows a student to be in charge of the whole day. I have mixed feelings about this. I think the idea a good idea, I don't know about the whole day idea though. I think it is good because it allows children to see each individual as a leader and team member. Criticism will be less because each child will be given the same opportunity and will surely see it is a lot harder than it looks. I hope you enjoy my selection.

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I scanned over a bunch of the links while I was saving and before I decided to save, the one I really took a good look at was MASHABLE. This is an internet news update, and I was very upset because I realize the cost of teaching is going up...for teachers. NING will no longer offer its site for free. For those that are 'Premium members" will be asked to pay more than what they currently pay, and those of us that access it for free, will no longer be able to access the site at all, unless we agree to pay a membership fee. Disappointing, it was too good to last.