Monday, May 17, 2010


This site is a great opportuntiy for math lessons. It gives an alternate to hear, an explanation of ways to complete certain math problems. Since not every student will understand the way I explain everything, I am more than happy to provide alternate 'teachers' to explain something. I can see the use of podcasts in this way being used for math centers and stations. This would give multiple students an opportunity to listen to the explanation and work through problems that are discussed. I could even put together worksheets that would go along with the explaination, so students could hear and see and work through all at the same time.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mod 8

Part 1: I was a bit overwhelmed by this assignment, I don't know why, but it just caught me funny. I looked over all of the sites and I really liked the site. This site is ideal for elementary teachers because often science skills are one that children need and have a natural curiosity to, but is also the one that is omitted or cut because the expense is too great. This science site allows the children to complete science projects online with other groups of students ranging in age and skill levels; but more than that, they can also participate in a project with students not from their state or even country. The children of all ages complete a science project on-line; what a great way to incorporate science and technology! I also liked because it was a full circle idea. The children learn using science and technology, hands-on activities in an interactive way both locally and globally. The site also promotes the final project to show the children put into action what they have learned. In my opinion, this is a great way to learn, they learn what they are told, they learn what they do, and they learn by telling others; to me this is the full circle of learning.

Part 2: I could see young children using the surveymonkey site and young children could create a survey that we post online to get feedback about what local residents are doing to help the planet and then send the survey out in to the world for others from other countries to see what they are doing. I think this would be a simple task for young children. I think for older children, the shelfari site would be a great option, they could post books they have read about the topic and send comments about the text, and they could read books that are already listed on the site that relate to the topic. This could be followed through the school year to see if any new related texts were added or if anyone commented on the books they suggested. This would be a great way for children to see they are not the 'only people' on the planet.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


I knew at the beginning of the term what tutorial video I was going to use. I was introduced to a presentation site and I love it. The possibilities are endless with this site. PREZI is the name of the site, there are actually 2 videos I want to show with this the first one shows what it can do the second one will show how to complete it.
What is can do:

How to do it:

The other video I chose was a video of a teacher who pretends to be dead for a day and allows a student to be in charge of the whole day. I have mixed feelings about this. I think the idea a good idea, I don't know about the whole day idea though. I think it is good because it allows children to see each individual as a leader and team member. Criticism will be less because each child will be given the same opportunity and will surely see it is a lot harder than it looks. I hope you enjoy my selection.

RSS Bloglines

I scanned over a bunch of the links while I was saving and before I decided to save, the one I really took a good look at was MASHABLE. This is an internet news update, and I was very upset because I realize the cost of teaching is going up...for teachers. NING will no longer offer its site for free. For those that are 'Premium members" will be asked to pay more than what they currently pay, and those of us that access it for free, will no longer be able to access the site at all, unless we agree to pay a membership fee. Disappointing, it was too good to last.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Playing "Catch Up"

I found a pretty good social network. I think I will use this one because with in the network it has networks specific to levels or subject teaching. Check it out.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


I do not know where the time went, I was really far ahead in this class, and not I am behind. I do not like that. I am having a hard time reading the assignments, it is tough having a comprehension learning difference and having to read from the internet. I do not regularly read from the internet, and this is probably why. I am behind, but I will catch up.

An analogy of a learner...I thought a lot about this, and thought about animals, sports, material, building supplies but I came up with this, and I don't think my final analogy is because I am a bit hungry. I believe a learner is like raw ingredients in a cupboard. A cupboard full of boxes, jars and cans of ingredients is nothing more than simple ingredients, maybe good alone, but almost always better when mixed with something else. A learner is like those simple ingredients, may be a good person, with a little to offer, but seldom will a rich, memorable taste come from such a simple ingredient. With every ingredient added, so is new information added; flavor will be improved and knowledge will be made long lasting and valuable. A learner is a simple ingredient until additional ingredients are added to improve the final outcome. Learners these days need to know so much more because, they will most likely have many jobs. The learners of today will not, unlike their grandparents, work for the same company until retirement. I think I am a great example of this, I have worked in accounting for 10 years, then moved to HR for the next 5, now I am in a program to become a teacher. This observation was listed in George Siemens' article, Connectivism, when discussing the new and changing trends in learning.

When I think of connectivism for some readon I think about when I was younger and connecting with other students by way of "pen pals" This was a great way to connect learners with other learners across the world, then came 'Flat Stanley' who travelled the world and returned to the classroom after months of travel and the students would then study the places 'Stanley' visited.

The technology now allows the networking to direct the learning. Students can now have real experiences to learn, where these options were just not possible before. Students can also communicate with students who speak other languages but get the conversation in a language he or she understands.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The little Indians are getting ready...

Does anyone have good lesson plan idea to go along with making totem poles for second grade? I need to have one and I have basic stuff and no real fun ideas except for making the totem poles.

On a totally unrelated note, I have almost fully paid for my 2010 season tickets to the Seawolves. I love the summer, and the boys that go along with summer!

I am feeling overwhelmed with my geography class. There is really too much reading and not enough teaching. I have 'read' about 7 chapters and could not give you an intelligent summary of anything. The words he wants us to know, are very unclear, (not the words, the definitions) and he really doesn't explain them. I hope I can get through the test with my prior knowledge of geography.

Greetings until next time~