Sunday, March 21, 2010


I do not know where the time went, I was really far ahead in this class, and not I am behind. I do not like that. I am having a hard time reading the assignments, it is tough having a comprehension learning difference and having to read from the internet. I do not regularly read from the internet, and this is probably why. I am behind, but I will catch up.

An analogy of a learner...I thought a lot about this, and thought about animals, sports, material, building supplies but I came up with this, and I don't think my final analogy is because I am a bit hungry. I believe a learner is like raw ingredients in a cupboard. A cupboard full of boxes, jars and cans of ingredients is nothing more than simple ingredients, maybe good alone, but almost always better when mixed with something else. A learner is like those simple ingredients, may be a good person, with a little to offer, but seldom will a rich, memorable taste come from such a simple ingredient. With every ingredient added, so is new information added; flavor will be improved and knowledge will be made long lasting and valuable. A learner is a simple ingredient until additional ingredients are added to improve the final outcome. Learners these days need to know so much more because, they will most likely have many jobs. The learners of today will not, unlike their grandparents, work for the same company until retirement. I think I am a great example of this, I have worked in accounting for 10 years, then moved to HR for the next 5, now I am in a program to become a teacher. This observation was listed in George Siemens' article, Connectivism, when discussing the new and changing trends in learning.

When I think of connectivism for some readon I think about when I was younger and connecting with other students by way of "pen pals" This was a great way to connect learners with other learners across the world, then came 'Flat Stanley' who travelled the world and returned to the classroom after months of travel and the students would then study the places 'Stanley' visited.

The technology now allows the networking to direct the learning. Students can now have real experiences to learn, where these options were just not possible before. Students can also communicate with students who speak other languages but get the conversation in a language he or she understands.


  1. Great analogy! You were much more creative than me. I like thinking of a learner in terms of enriching them. This was a great example... and I'm a little hungry so I really enjoyed it!

  2. I also love your analogy! I was thinking about the same thing but could not really put it into words that made it work! You did great though!

  3. We all like to eat well and if we want to eat taste food, we must use good ingredients, adding one after another until we have the desired taste. The analogy of a learner being like ingredients is a great idea in that in the same way we add ingredients when cooking,the teachers have to keep on preparing the present learners until they are ready and able to meet the needs of our times.

  4. A very nice comparison. Thank you Stephanie for sharing this perspective with us!